BareMetal Support

BareMetal Support

WTTH – Wireless To The Home

We supply our clients with a comprehensive range of packages that have been specifically developed for the home user in mind. Services such as online streaming, gaming, and social networking are given priority. At BareMetal, we understand that different households will have different needs. As such, we offer a wide range of packages to ensure all our clients’ wireless connectivity needs are met.

High-Speed Wireless Internet to Keep Your Home Connected 24/7

AUP – Wireless To The Home

Our WTTH, Wireless To The Home, packages are aimed at home users. These packages offer great value and have a 1:4 contention ratio and next business day support. These packages are truly uncapped and will never be blocked. However, they may be subject to the AUP. It must be noted that there is a daily download quota on these packages, implemented from 7am each morning, Monday to Friday. If traffic reaches either of 2 quota levels, speed is reduced on the line by 40 and 60% respectively. At midnight, speed is restored to normal. Traffic between 12am-7am is not counted towards this quota. Therefore, to avoid your line being slowed by the AUP, preferably schedule large downloads for late in the evening.

Top five things that you need to know about Wireless Connectivity

  1. Increased Efficiency

Whether you are streaming the latest entertainment, working on a large project, or needing to transfer information, wireless connectivity allows for improved data communications.


  1. Most affordable option

Since wireless networks are both simpler and more cost-effective to install, business owners and homeowners can still be connected, even when on a strict budget.


  1. Improved access and availability

With a wireless network, you can communicate while on the move. No cables or adaptors are required to access a network, as you can access up-to-the-minute communications anywhere, at any time.


  1. Wireless connectivity has a wider reach

Certain areas of your home, or office, are not accessible for wires and cables. As such, wireless connectivity can be extended to these places, ensuring everyone is connected.


  1. Adapt as you grow

At BareMetal, we can configure your wireless system to meet your unique needs. As your company grows, or the needs of your household change, your system can be easily changed or scaled according to your new requirements.


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