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FTTB - Fibre To The Business

At BareMetal, we supply a Fibre solution that not only supplies a faster, more reliable internet connection to your organisation, but also allows the seamless flow of work in your business. By opting for one of our curated packages, your organisation can enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity. Our FTTB packages have been specially produced with the business owner in mind.

 Top five things that you need to know about Fibre

Faster and more reliable internet

Whether you are trying to stream the latest entertainment, upload, or download, files to an extensive database, or have a virtual meeting with an international client, our Fibre packages can help you do all of that without interruption.

Improved internet means improved homes and/or businesses

When your internet connection is better, so is your life! Whether for household, or business, purposes, faster internet connectivity helps you lead a fully connected life.

The future of business, and entertainment

Just about everything in life is going digital – watching movies, listening to music, purchasing groceries and clothing, etc. To keep up with changing times, a reliable internet connection is a must-have.

The number one way to work and play

Say goodbye to dropped calls, frozen video, and slow download speeds, and say hello to the fastest internet connection you could ever imagine!

There is more to life than ADSL

While ADSL has offered years of faithful service, Fibre is the way forward, especially if you rely on the internet in your household or business.

Take a moment to think about yours and your employees’ workdays – how often do you check your emails, download various documents, send files to your colleagues, have virtual meetings, or upload data to your cloud-based storage? These days, the internet is a predominant driver of all business processes, making a fast internet speed one of the most crucial aspects of any company. What this means for your company is that you need to maintain the pace that the world is demanding, whether from your employees or consumers.

At BareMetal, we can help you supply that demand. We have a range of Fibre to the Business packages that will assist you in keeping up with customer demands, as well as ensure you remain relevant. For advice on which package would best suit your company’s unique needs, get in touch with us today!

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