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BareMetal Support

Backup Support

Whether you are a small start-up, a well-established corporation, or even an individual, here at BareMetal, we have services and products that all customers can purchase and partake in. Our main concern, however, is ensuring our customers have a pleasant experience with us and constantly have backup support to aid them with any troubleshooting problems that may occur, which is a seldom occurrence.

We assist our customers in various aspects pertaining to backup support from the very beginning to right at the end, although we are very sure you will never leave us because of our exceptional attention to detail in ensuring our customers are always happy.

From the supply of your server and your server’s configuration to updates and even daily backups, we are able to assist our customers with various backup support services. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, as well as engineers, ensures that no matter what issue you may face, we are able to find the source of the problem, rectify it, and provide you with feedback detailing what happened and how we were able to find a promising solution for you. At BareMetal, we understand the importance of having back up support should anything go wrong. As such, we offer backup support as one of our services.

Our Services

We look after the internet connections, servers and workstations of our clients, who are typically established enough to require IT support, but aren’t able to afford to employ their own staff.

For our bigger clients, we also outsource engineers on a long term basis. This enables them to have the comfort of an IT service that draws on a large pool of expertise, without the complexity of managing staff rotation. We also supply computers and servers, built to the standards which we specify to our hardware suppliers.

BareMetal also offers wireless internet to clients who do not have a telephone line from Telkom, Our wireless network is completely independent of Telkom infrastructure. We also provide voice over IP. Voice over Internet Protocol is a system and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communication and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the internet.

BareMetal Computer Traders, Stocks a wide range of computer ITC products which range from the smallest computer peripherals such as ink cartridges, flash drives, keyboards, and mouse etc. We also supply laptops, complete desktop computers, and surveillance equipment. As far as Wireless communications are concerned, We have a wide range of suppliers around the country which means that we are always able to meet our client’s needs!

On-site support

Internet Connectivity

e-Mail & Website Hosting

Remote Support / Troubleshooting


Implementation Of Firewall, Mail server, and file server

BareMetal Computer Traders (PTY) LTD we offer both On-Site and Desktop IT Support depending on your requirements.  This can be done on an ad-hoc basis or if needed on a more permanent basis where a Service Level Agreement will be drawn up.


Other services that Baremetal offers 

IT Support


Uncapped WiFi


ADSL Internet


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